Casper Buggles

Nobilis of Summer Foods


Casper, or Caz, is the Nobilis of Summer Foods. Barbeque? His idea. Barley beers and lemonade? absolutely. You say you want a third helping of deviled egg salad? Not (ever) an issue.

Caz grew up in southern California. Physically speaking, he never exactly had the “surfer build,” but never being one to miss a beach party, Caz buried his toes in the sand and ran the open fire cuisine department.

Like Aestas Hiberna, Caz is a creature of seasonal temperament. Lovable though he is during the balmy summer months, Caz becomes more or less like a grizzly bear that hasn’t been allowed to hibernate during the winter. His grumbles have driven off three wives and more than a few acquaintances. He is indeed the very literal definition of the “fair-weather friend.”

Physical description: 6’6” / 320lb / massive, doughy frame / medium-brown complexion / short, black hair / dark eyes / usually wearing hawaiian shirt, board-shorts, and sandals.

Casper Buggles

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