The Realm of Aestas Hiberna is divided into five wings. Four of them represent each of the seasons in their perfection. The central wing combines into a large meeting area that serves as a place for parties, gatherings, and formal court with your Imperator. Each of the wings has their own specific defenses, according to their season (ie, when attacked, the Winter Wing will develop a solid wall of ice to protect itself). Each of the Nobilis of Aestas Hiberna has chambers of their own that they are responsible for, that they can decorate any way they wish.



Allia: The light treasures of the realm. Allia are sometimes soulstones, or lightflowers, or even living spirits – objects of priceless beauty which grant any wish within an Imperator’s power when they are invoked by name. Two caveats apply, however. First, Gifts, Attribute Levels, and MPs gained using an Allia last for one or two stories at most unless the player pays points for them, and second, invoking an Allia (by naming it aloud) destroys the Allia utterly.

Accessibility (Convenient): Chancels connect to multiple major urban areas, and are within one day’s drive (for a human) of almost everywhere in the world. Powers in these Chancels can vacation anywhere they like, and can respond very quickly to Excrucian threats. However, the Chancel can also be assaulted from almost anywhere on Earth – it has about as many entrances as exits.

Borderguard: Chancels with this property actively resist hostile intrusion. The Chancel does not simply guard against magics used destructively, it acts to protect itself from intruders with hostile intent. Its tool is Realm miracles – at most one or two a minute, in never ending supply. A Borderguard has two qualities: the strength of its defensive magic and its penetration value.

Normal Magic: the kind that works in the outside world – is typically cleaner and more effective than its technological equivalents. It also drains its wielder greatly, whereas most technology drains its user not at all. A spell-made arrow aims better and flies more quietly than a gun and can often be fired just as quickly – but after a handful of uses a mortal mage will be exhausted. If a Power wishes to avoid this drain, then with every few uses of magic they must spend an Aspect or Spirit miracle point. In one specific area, normal magic has advanced beyond mundane science: “spirit magics” such as demon-summoning and speaking to the dead. If a Power’s Chancel allows the normal magic of Earth to work there, then the Power can learn normal magic freely; otherwise, that requires GM permission.

Realms Heart Erus: An assertive landlord. Sometimes, when forming a Chancel, an Imperator wants someone with a particular kind of wisdom or perspective in charge of the Keep but has no use for them as a Power. When this happens, they perform a partial investment, granting to the potential ruler a stone (usually kept within their brain) that gives them command over the Realm and the basic Noble immunity to direct miracles. Such a person is called an Erus of the Chancel, or a Minor Dominus – a Lesser Lord. Powers call them “landlords” and don’t like them very much. Landlords are always more of less Immortal as long as they don’t leave the Chancel.

Earthly Magics: Miraculous Inhabitants: Individual Chancelfolk or the population as a whole commands unique Earthly magics – something specific to the individual or the Chancel. Chancelfolk empowered by Earthly magics, such as unicorns and bionic servants, can leave the Chancel if necessary. In the real world, however, they are rarely as powerful as in the Keep.


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