Choose Bonds and Anchors


Anchors are special humans linked soul-to-soul with a Power. This link is similar in some ways to the bond between a Power and their Imperator. After a Sovereign claims an Anchor, they may step into that Anchor’s body at any time. While inside their Anchor’s body, they can:

- Sense the things their Anchor senses - Communicate silently with their Anchor - Perform Miracles through their Anchor - Command the Anchor’s body as if it were their own

Anchors are loyal to their Sovereigns causes. Anchors are resistant to magic. Anchors attract the attention of fate. And anchors die if their noble renounces them.

A power can have up to Spirit Level + 1 anchors.


A character gets 20 points to split among bonds. Every character has things that are important to them. To measure what is important, give each bond a “bond strength.” The strength you give each bond is directly proportional to the amount of miraculous power that can be drained from them by capturing, destroying, or corrupting that thing.

Choose Bonds and Anchors

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