Choose Handicaps

Examples of the various handicaps are provided in the book. Here’s a basic description of each:


Examples of Limits include Dead, Disabled, Hated, Small Estate, Uninspiring. They work a lot like typical disadvantages. They will give you CP when you take them at character creation, depending on how badly they impact your particular character (ie, the Power of Charity might not suffer as much for Small Estate as the Power of Greed).


Restriction miracle points (MPs that are given to you) are paid to the Power when the restriction comes up, and not at the beginning of a story. Examples include: blatant, cannot kill, cannot use modern technology, doomed, hated by animals, honest.


Taking a virtue is like doing so in nWoD, sort of. They have four benefits. First, nothing can force a character to do something against their virtue. Nothing can trick them into doing so. Second, the character has an uncanny sense for the “virtuous” alternative in any given situation. Third, a character can make their Virtue obvious to all onlookers for a scene by spending an SMP. Finally, when the Virtue gets the characters into horrible trouble, they get an MP back.


There are 5 major forces in the Nobilis world: heaven, hell, light, dark, and wild. Each of these has an associated code. There are other forces, and sometimes a Power chooses the force of their Imperator. Aestas Hiberna does not follow any of the major five, choosing instead to focus on a Code of Cycles. All things have their place, so long as they are kept in check, and swiftly followed by change. Because of this, he tolerates all of the major five forces from his Powers.

Service to one of the code gifts you 1 MP, and disservice costs 1 MP.

The codes are as follows:

The Code of the Angels

1) Beauty is the highest principle

2) Justice is a form of beauty.

3) Lesser beings should respect their betters.

The Code of the Fallen Angels

1) Corruption is the highest principle

2) Suffering is a form of corruption

3) Power justifies itself

The Code of the Light

1) Humanity must live, and live forever

2) What must be done ought be done cleanly

3) Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves

The Code of the Dark

1) Humans should destroy themselves, individually

2) Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for a few toys

3) Ugliness to human eyes shows that one is worthy

The Code of the Wild

1) Freedom is the highest principle

2) Sanity and mundanity are prisons

3) Give in kind with a gift received

Choose Handicaps

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