When the Angels first began their “Great Work,” the changes they made in Heaven were rough and without skill. Angelic power splashed on the surface of Heaven and twisted it in sometimes startling ways. The angels needed tools, and the first such tools were flowers. Not the Earthly blooms, with petals and roots, pistils and stamen- these were symbols that carried great weight of different meaning. Flowers diffused the angels’ intent over the surface of Heaven.

Because flowers and their symbolisms are central to Heaven’s design, the Powers of Earth can use them as well. The Power of their Anchor carries a flower or a handful of flowers with them; they crush the flower as they work a miracle; all traces of the power they used are tainted with it. Combining floral magic and the use of an Anchor provides a great deal of security even from the laws of Lord Entropy himself.

Here are a few examples of the flowers in the world of Nobilis, and their meanings:

Aloe: the flower of religion and grief

Amaranth: the flower of the immutable

Aster: the flower of variety

Basil: the flower of hatred

Catalpa and Dandelion: the flower of romance

Fern: the flower of magic

Hollyhock: the flower of ambition, glory, and imagination

Jasmine: the flower of sex

Lily: the flower of daring, love

Pepper-flower: the flower of satire

Periwinkle: the flower of memory

Tulip: the flower of conquest

Violet: the flower of Heart’s Ease

Yucca: the flower of Miracles

Zinnia: the flower of absent friends


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