The Imperator’s nature contains a contradiction. On the one hand, they lack humanity entirely: their souls are pure spiritus Dei. This makes them Imperators. Human minds should have a grave difficulty understanding their motives and actions, because humans have an entirely different kind of soul. On the other hand, the spiritus Dei is the pattern from which all things are made, including humans. The Imperators create a world that humans have some instinct for. An Imperator of Storms will be volatile, an Imperator of Trees lethargic. Even the basic human myths, legends, and collective subconscious provide windows onto the Imperators’ selves. They are not archetypes, but they possess a fundamental quality of archetypal beings: sacrifice (of themselves or others) is nothing to them compared to being what they are. They simultaneously possess this absolute and comprehensible goal and a thought process that humans cannot understand. Their Estates make their personal natures obvious while the senses that stimulate their actions are percipient beyond human ken.

An Imperator is sometimes predictable once the PCs know them well enough to understand their basic character. At other times, their awareness and understanding of hidden truths puts them a few steps ahead of the PCs in dealing with a situation. At yet other times, their fundamental inhumanity makes their actions defy human sensibilities. At the core, though, remember that an Imperator comprehends sacrifice even more than the Powers, who are driven more often to bitter choices than any hundred normal humans on the surface of the Earth.

There are ten rules for successfully managing your Imperator. If you follow them, health, wealth, and happiness are sure to follow.

Rule 1

Respect your Regius far too much for mere flattery to ever express.

Rule 2

Remember what your Imperator says. There will be a test.

Rule 3

Surprise parties are verboten. Important guests may be vaporized.

Rule 4

Never tell a Regius about a problem you can fix, or you’ll have to.

Rule 5

Never tell a Regius about a problem you can’t fix, or you’ll have to.

What do you talk to your Imperator about when (s)he accosts you in the hall?

Rule 6

Sex, food, and sleep are safe subjects. You’re supposed to be mortal.

Rule 7

When your Ymera’s eyes glaze over, it’s safe to stop talking.

If your Ymera is till paying attention after such a discussion, something is gravely wrong.

Rule 8

Never ask your Imperator what’s wrong. You’re supposed to know.

Rule 9

When in doubt, sneeze. They don’t understand sneezing. It confuses them.

Rule 10

If you have to call for help…don’t call collect.


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