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Welcome to Summer 2010…

We’ll be using the wiki primarily for world description and character creation. There are many things we’re going to simplify, for the sake of time, but others where we’ll be preserving the feel of the game.

A Brief and Tedious Atlas of Creation

If there is any conceivable way that you can get ahold of the book, and read pages 9-16, that would be very helpful! Those 8 pages will give you an excellent idea of what Nobilis is about. If you can’t, let me know, and I will try to copy in as much of that as possible. After you’ve read those, here are a few more tidbits that might be useful to the game we’re going to play:

The Code Fidelitatis of Lord Entropy

The World Ash

The Rites


The Good and Bad Guys

The Council of Four



The Cleave of Botanists

The Cammorae

An Outline of Character Creation

Decide on a name, an Estate (what you want to be the God/Power of), and a rough idea of what the character’s about. For this game, all of the PCs will be serving the same Imperator. Your Imperator is sort of your boss, your creator, your landlord, and your God. They are made entirely from spiritus Dei, a motive force behind reality. In this case, your Imperator is Aestas Hiberna, the Imperator of Seasons. Aestas Hiberna gifted each of you with a part of his soul, and that’s where all of your powers come from. Each of you are, in turn, responsible for a different part of his kingdom. This means your primary Power/Domain needs to be related to the idea of “seasons.” This can be spring/summer/fall/winter. This can be time, weather, sports, sunshine, the harvest, snow, etc. This is the thing that you are personally responsible for safeguarding and managing for Aestas Hiberna.

Each character starts with 25 character points. The steps in character creation are the following (headings in blue are links to more information on the topic):

1) Purchase Attributes

These attributes are Aspect (physical and mental ability), Domain (your ability to 
influence your domain), Realm (your control over your chancel), and Spirit (more general
magical powers). Each dot in an attribute costs 3 CP. All attributes start at 0.

2) Purchase Secondary Domain (yes! You can get a second power!)

So, for example, you might want to be the Power of Winter, with a secondary domain in
Snow. Or maybe, the Power of Thunderstorms, with a secondary domain in Umbrellas.
Secondary domains costs 1 CP per level.

3) Purchase Extra Miracle Points

Miracle Points give you an extra boost of power when your attributes don't quite cover
the effect you want to have. They cost 1 CP each.

4) Purchase Gifts

These are powers above and beyond your attributes and miracles. Invisibility, 
Fire-breathing, Flight. These are all examples of gifts you can purchase.

5) Choose Handicaps

Handicaps are a little complicated, but if you're anything like me, you love giving your 
characters disadvantages and bits of flavor. Some are a requirement (like Virtues and 
Affiliations). Others are optional (limits and restrictions).

6) Choose Bonds and Anchors

Anchors are humans bound soul-to-soul with the Power. They are often people you care deeply
about, but can also be enemies that you link to. Anchors are often also Bonds, which are  
things your character is attached to. For example, I once played the Power of Boxes, and 
had The Container Store as a bond.

7) Choose a Design

We are going to skip this step, unless people feel strongly about it. Each power creates 
their own flower design as a coat of arms. These flowers have some special powers for the
characters, but we won't be pursuing them much.

8) Write Down Wound Levels

A character receives 4 + Aspect wound levels. Divide them evenly into Surface, Serious,
and Deadly wound levels. If you have one left over, it becomes an extra Surface level.

9) Note Relevant Chancel and Imperator Properties

Another step we're going to consolidate. Usually players get to determine things about
their Chancel and Imperator. Because of time, we'll be condensing this to two things. For 
the Chancel, there are lists of properties, and I'll be having each 
player pick 1 to describe the chancel. For the Imperator, I will be inviting everyone      
to give "3 Things
True" about Aestas Hiberna at the first session of game, to help flesh him out.

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