Note Relevant Chancel and Imperator Properties


In a typical Nobilis game, you would be able to highly influence what your Chancel looks like. For this game, we’re going to do a modified version of that. Each player will pick 1 positive aspect for the Chancel, based off of the following list (details available upon request).

Potential Properties

- Accessibility

- Avara

- Borderguard

- Defender’s Blessing

- Extra Landlord

- Magical Inhabitants

- Mana Mine

- Popularity

- Resources

- Spirit Gateways

Aestas Hiberna

Imperators also have a more complicated way of determining what their powers are, and their relationship with their Nobles. Instead, we’ll be condensing that into a round of “3 Things True.” If you don’t know what I mean, we’ll essentially go around as a group and each say something that’s “true” about Aestas Hiberna (He hates cheese! He has a mortal enemy in the Imperator of Religion! He thinks you guys are all great!), until each person has given us 3 examples.

Note Relevant Chancel and Imperator Properties

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