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Aspect determines your physical and mental prowess. There are 5 levels of Aspect, and each of these levels determines what your character can do without spending miracle points. Aspect Miracle Points (AMPs) let you do cooler and awesomer stuff, on top of your regular attribute level. The following are the aspect miracle index, with an example of what each level of miracle looks like.

Level 0, Peak Performance: Graceful Jump

Level 1, High-Level Human: Olympic long jump

Level 2, World-record Performance: World record long jump

Level 3, Improbable Feats: Skeet-surfing

Level 4, Very Improbable Feats: Running on heads

Level 5, Impossible for Humans: Catching a bullet

Level 6, Universally Improbable: Parrying Uzi Fire

Level 7, Impossible for anyone (local): Lifting a hill

Level 8, Impossible for anyone (non-local): Lifting a mountain

Level 9, Fabled: Hiding a mountain

If you are Aspect 1, you can do an olympic level long jump with little effort, and no AMP expenditure. If you are Aspect 1 and want to run on people’s heads, it will cost you 3 AMPs. If you are Aspect 4, you can always run on heads, but hiding a mountain will cost you 5 AMPs.


Domain is your control over your power. The Domain Miracle Index looks like this:

Level 0, Estate-driven divinations: know about trouble in your domain

Level 1, Ghost miracle: be comfortable or win a duel using your domain

Level 2, Lesser Divinations: learn specific things about your Estate (it is Spring in Estonia)

Level 3, Lesser Preservations: Make things last (spring stays for 2 months)

Level 4, Lesser Creations: Make things (the flowers all sprout and bloom)

Level 5, Lesser destructions/Major Divinations: hurt/destroy/remove property, or scry/ask Estate about something

Level 6, Lesser changes/Major preservations: modify, ward, seal, or guard things

Level 7, Major creations: make impressive, special, or big things

Level 8, Major destructions: cause widespread damage

Level 9, Major changes: do anything else with your estate


Realm is your control over your Chancel. This is where you, your Imperator, and all the other Powers under his control live. It is your paradise, the slice of the universe that belongs only to you, and that you are able to perfect according to your will. It may be a forested haven, a faerie realm, a steam-powered technological heaven, or anything else you can imagine. Realm Miracle Points (RMPs) break down this way:

Level 0, Realm-driven divinations: know about trouble

Level 1, Ghost Miracles: make trivial changes

Level 2, Lesser divinations: learn things about your realm

Level 3, Lesser Preservations: make things last

Level 4, Lesser creations: make things

Level 5, Lesser destructions and Major divinations: destroy/disinherit/remove property, or scry/ask realm about something

Level 6, Lesser changes and Major preservations: modify, ward, seal, or guard things

Level 7, Major creations: make neat or big things (make a new road or building)

Level 8, Major destructions: cause widespread damage

Level 9, Major changes: do anything else within your realm (move the whole thing)


Spirit is harder to define easily. Those with high spirit make anchors more easily. They draw greater strength from a failed Excrucian Breakthrough or from crushing another Power’s desires. They more readily find the roads into an unknown Chancel and can better disguise their uses of power.

Players who want to know more specifics about Spirit should talk to me during character creation (ie, there is no nice Miracle Points index for spirit, and so it’s easier just to talk through it, or have you read it and decide if you’re interested).

Purchase Attributes

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