Purchase Gifts

Gifts are special abilities beyond the general competency indicated by the attribute levels. A Gorgon, for instance, might be able to petrify an opponent with her gaze, even if she does not have Domain over stone, petrification, or transmutations. Players purchase gifts with character points, and their costs draw on the Domain and Aspect miracle level charts.

Base Cost (cost in CPs of lesser and major levels)

Divinations: 2 or 5

Preservations: 3 or 6

Creations: 4 or 7

Destructions: 5 or 8

Changes: 6 or 9

Activation/Invocation (Cost in CPs)

Automatically when appropriate: +1

Simple Miracle: -1

Normal Miracle: -2

Hard Miracle: -3

Area of Effect

Almost anywhere: +1

Local things only: -1

One person: -2

Oneself only: -3


All imaginable uses: +1

A wide variety of situations: -1

A limited selection of applications: -2

One single “trick”: -3


If the gift is uncommon in the game universe, they cost an extra point.

Examples of Gift Creation

Petrification: Lesser destruction (5 CP), Normal Miracle (-3 CP), Local things only (-1 CP), A limited selection of applications (-2 CP), and Uncommon (1 CP) = 0 CP

Personal Transformation: Lesser Creation (4 CP), Simple Miracle (-1 CP), Oneself Only (-3 CP), All imaginable Uses (1 CP), and Uncommon (a CP) = 2 CP

Immortal: Major Preservation (6 CP), Automatic (1 CP), Self Only (-3 CP), All Imaginable Uses (1 CP), Uncommon (+1 CP) = 6 CP

Purchase Gifts

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