The Rites

These Rites are associated with the attribute Spirit, but I wasn’t satisfied placing them there. Instead, I am highlighting them under their own section in the World Atlas. This is probably best read after you look at Character Creation. For more information, start with Pg. 122 in the book, or ask me about any that strike your fancy. There are more, but these are the most common/useful.

The spiritus Dei is something like a set of “cords” which bind a Noble to their specific powers. There are some magics, however, which only require the existence of this noble spirit. That is, any Noble can master them simply because they’re a Noble, however distant from their Estate these magics may be.

The Servant’s Rite

With this Rite, a Noble creates an Anchor. There are 2 requirements. First the Power must love or hate the Anchor, to bond their mortal self to their Anchor-to-be. Second, the Noble must voluntarily give their blood or tears to the future Anchor, who must swallow them. If the Noble hates his or her prospective Anchor, this rite is also called the Abhorrent Investment.

The Witch Hunt Rite

Miracles leave traces, noticeable marks on the world, signs that the Power has been there. This trace can identify the Power that caused it, or at least their general nature.

The Redtooth Rite

This rite is for mortals or Anchors, who cut or otherwise dig a dead Power’s heart from their chest and consume it. In this manner, they attune themselves to the dead Power’s Estate and capture the Power’s Imperator-shard for themselves.

The Rite of the Last Trump

The spiritus Dei spreads itself through a Power like a map of the nervous system. The curving lines running between key points travel not just through their physical body but through an entirely different dimension, to the nonphysical place where the Power connects to their Domain, Anchors, and Chancel. A Power can, at great cost and pain, reshape this map and move miracle points from one attribute to another.

The Rite of Passage

A Power looking through a broken crystal sees a faint glow in the direction of a road between worlds or a road into a Chancel. One can also perform this trick with a touch of brandy splashed into the eye, and even mortals can use that version, but it is not nearly as effective.

The Nettle Rite

The Nettle Rite is the most important of the Simple Rites. It does enormous damage to peaceful relationships among the Powers. It lets Powers take away some miraculous power from a Noble, Imperator, or Excrucian. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. ;-)

The Rite of the Fallen

This rite ruins another Sovereign of one’s own Familia.

The Rites

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