This is a Nobilis Game.

A friend and I recently decided that we needed more gaming for the summer. Something light and fun, without too many demands, and that we could play over the internet. I offered to GM, and tried to think of an airy system to play in. Unknown Armies was out. So was basically everything White Wolf (I didn’t want to run Exalted). And then I remembered that gorgeous white marble book sitting on my shelf, the one I haven’t cracked open in a few years, and that cost me an arm and a leg when I bought it. Nobilis.

In honor of summer, the players in this campaign will be beholden to the Imperator of Seasons. Each Noble will have a seasonal theme to their domain, or they can be the Noble of Summer, or Winter, etc. They can be linked to things that depend on seasonal effects, such as weather, holidays, life/death cycles, temperature, biomes, plants, calendars, disease, outdoor sporting, etc.

The game is set right as the 2010 Summer Olympics are about to begin in Los Angeles. This is the largest event of the season, and your Imperator wants everything to goo smoothly. As with all major world events, the likelihood of attacks by Excrucians, or worse, other Imperators, increases with every minute of every hour of every day. Protect your domains and your chancel, and you will be rewarded.

WARNING: The HG (Hollyhock God) has been reading too much John Wick, and has taken a shining to The Flux. This, combined with the natural availability of the World Ash, well…anything could happen.

Nobilis: Seasonal Flux

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