Nobilis: Seasonal Flux

7/20: Real Game 1

Our first Nobilis game saw our players called back to their Chancel by their Imperator. They were given a day to arrive back, and all of them made it in time. They were greeted by the rather grumpy “keeper” of the Chancel, Father Time. Once in their seats in the great hall, they waited…and waited…and waited…and then finally Aestas Hiberna entered, looking like an old decrepit man with a faded hawaiian shirt. He announced that the summer olympics were to be Flawless. And also that Augustine, the Power of Summer, and Willow, the Power of Autumn, were both dead. Hazel (winter) has merely entered a deep slumber until the first frost. Lily (spring) is meditating for a time upon the problems before the familia.

He then handed out assignments, and gave this one to the PCs. “Every two years, we must renew our contract with Atlas, the Imperator of Physical Ability. His realm includes sports, recreation, and yes, the Olympics. However, we must be careful not to tread on each other’s toes in such times. And so, I am sending six of you to renew our contract. Afriel. Noah. Andrew. Casper. Aethis. Phaergus.”

The boys then departed to Noah’s nook within the Chancel to discuss the task ahead of them.



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