Aestas Hiberna

His appearance changes depending on the season


The Imperator of Seasons: Aestas Hiberna

He/She/It is the Imperator of Seasons. He follows the Path of Cycles, believing that everything comes to pass in it’s own time, and that there must be moderation in all things. Everything has it’s place, but nothing can remain for long. Her appearance changes every season, to fit the mood.


Things True

- Aestas Hiberna has become a bit more Tempermental after the latest Excrucian attack

- AH blames another Imperator for how much damage he took during the attack

- The Imperator that AH blames takes great offense to the accusations.

- There is a particular human woman to whom Aestas Hiberna owes one debt, no matter how difficult or self-destructive the favor may be to the Imperator him/herself.

- Aestas Hiberna has a close alliance with Grandfather Wendas, the Imperator of the 4 winds

- The enemy that actually caused the most harm to Aestas Hiberna isn’t the one he accuses of such

- AH has a huge, luxurious Roman-esque bathhouse. He uses it often.

- The temperment of the Imperator directly effects the temperment of the Chancel. As his/her/its mood degrades, the summer realm becomes boiling hot, the winter realm becomes bitterly cold, the spring realm is filled with violent thunderstorms and the autumn realm is besieged by tornadoes and turbulant winds. As his/her/its mood improves, temperatures become milder and more pleasant.

- Aestas Hiberna hates Dame Judy Dench, and refuses to talk about it.

- Aestas is a party animal. Compared to most Imperators, he is quite willing to grab the spotlight during any sort of informal get-together.

- Aestas Hiberna seems to favor Summer more then the other seasons though he/she/it would never admit it

- the Imperator is annoyed at the idea of global warming and hotly denounces the idea that it has any effect on his personality whatsoever.

- Many of the other Imperators think that the AH should be much more concerned with the Excrucians and less concerned with blaming other Imperators and partying.

- AH was the original inventor of dried fruit.

- Aestas’ most common non-human form is that of a giant brown bear

- Aestas sometimes affectionately refers to her favorite Power of the moment as El Nino.

- Each February 29th, Aestas becomes deeply troubled as the leap year throws a wrench in her usually regular workings. On this day she is usually lashing out and raving at everything in site, or else in seclusion in a remote corner of the Chancel.

- Aestas sometimes carries a small, apparently wooden box under his arm around solstices. The contents are a mystery.

Aestas Hiberna

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